Sharpe Minds

"I owe you my education." 

Morgan, ex-student

Sarah Sharpe is an experienced and respected teacher, researcher, facilitator and advocate, providing specialist educational services including: workshops, talks, professional modelling and tutoring, focusing on achieving success for students with dyslexia and other learning differences.

Sarah is passionate about allowing the neurodiverse community of students, comprising around 70,000 school age children, to receive access to education on an equal playing field with their non-dyslexic peers. "Their neurodiversity should not be seen as a barrier to learning, rather as a learning difference and as a gift to be acknowledged and nurtured."

 “Can our planet afford to have any great thinkers become discouraged or intimidated and give up? It doesn’t take a genius to know the answer: absolutely not." Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief, National Geographic.