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SARAH deliverS a whole range of workshops, lectures, discussions, modelled lessons and resources. Contact here for further information.

Teacher Workshop

Leadership/ Teacher Workshop

Rates: Starting from $600 half day.

(Prices may vary according to requirements.)

Workshops can be tailored to meet each organisation's requirements. 

These can be ‘stand alone’ workshops or ongoing support can be provided


To provide an understanding of the science behind the neurodiverse brain. (This inlcudes: dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia).

To provide an insight into the world of the neurodiverse thinker and to consider the impacts of a different way of thinking. 

To provide a knowledge of the key indicators of neurodiversity - what to look for.

To provide strategies and accommodations for success operating in a four tiered system, i.e. at an individual, group, organisation and wider community level.

To provide a 'toolkit' of appropriate resources, including digital technology.

Workshop with Students

Rates: poa

These workshops are designed to equip individual learners with the understanding, skills and strategies to maximise their learning potential.


To provide individuals with an understanding of themselves as learners by exploring the science behind the neurodiverse brain.

For each inidividual to explore their unique learning style and gain an understanding of their learning strengths and weaknesses.

To empower individuals to 'own their own learning' through metacognitive strategies. Individuals will be able to utilise this knowledge and adapt their learning strategies to meet their needs.

To explore the wider implications of neurodiversity. This includes acknowledging the struggles faced by individuals, especially within the education system, whilst equally recognising the unlocked potential that the gift of neurodiverse thinking can bring.

Cauliflower and Kale Soup

Parent/Family Workshops

rates: PRICES WILL DEPEND ON NUMBERS. workshops can be 'one on one' or larger groups.


To provide an understanding of the science behind the neurodiverse brain. (This includes dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia).

Exploring the genetics behind neurodiversity. This may provide some parents with insights into their own unique learning styles.

To assist parents to better understand their child/children as learners.

To provide a 'toolkit' of resources and strategies to enable parents to best support their child/children with their learning.

To equip parents with the knowledge and understanding of the education system and how to access appropriate help for their child/children.

To provide parents with online links to information, resources and support groups. 

Modelled Lessons

Rates: POA


To provide educators with an overview of what a neurodiverse friendly classroom looks like and how it operates.

This includes:

Classroom ethos, culture and expectations.

Student engagement and participation.

Classroom strategies and accommodations.

Implementing a Universal Design for Learning approach to resources, strategies and assessment.

Teachers as advocates and enablers.


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