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Sarah Sharpe

Neurodiversity Specialist

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Sarah delivers hands-on practical workshops and presentations which offer an insight into neurodiverse learners, with a focus on dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia.  Her workshops include insights into neurodiversity and how to implement successful strategies and use appropriate resources with neurodiverse learners.

Sarah's workshops are personalised and tailored to requirements, as she recognises the importance of collaboration and is sensitive to the unique needs of individuals, groups and organisations.

Sarah's aim is to expand and embed knowledge, understanding and practice around meeting the needs of neurodiverse learners nationwide. She believes this is essential if we are to 'level the playing field' within the education system and have neurodiversity not only acknowledged, but more importantly, celebrated and championed.




Sarah has worked in education since 1985 in the UK and New Zealand. She is Speld NZ qualified, and became a Dyslexia Specialist Tutor, joining Kāpiti College in 2008. She has initiated and established neurodiverse friendly practices at Kāpiti College, which have gained nationwide recognition for their effectiveness in producing high levels of academic success.

Sarah is experienced in designing, delivering, monitoring and evaluating tailored professional development which meets the needs of neurodiverse learners. Working alongside students, teachers, leadership teams and families and whānau, her methodologies enhance student learning by improving self-esteem and academic achievement.

She has presented at workshops, conferences and symposiums throughout the country as well as spearheading professional development for schools and colleges throughout the North Island. Together with her neurodiverse learners, she has made a documentary, spoken in parliament on several occasions and has hosted members of the Education and Science Select Committee. Close professional collaboration with organisations and experts, both in New Zealand and overseas, allows her to keep abreast of current research and best practice.


Notable Accolades

BSc Geography.

Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

Delivery of PLD relating to neurodiversity since 2009.

Advocacy work includes television, radio, newspaper  and online articles, as well as the production of a documentary.

Sarah and her students presented to the Education and Science Select Committee, and subsequently hosted the Committee.

Sarah has spoken at a number of conferences, including:

CAGE and Gifted NZ Symposium - Christchurch 2013

Oral Submissions to the Education and Science Select Committee on provision for Neurodiverse students - Wellington 2015

Response to the Report of the Education and Science Committee. - Wellington 2016

National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Symposium - Wellington 2016

NZEI Te Riu Roa Conference - Wellington 2017

Invisible Disabilities Forum - Wellington 2017


"My dream job will now be more than just a dream, thanks to Sarah's life-changing lessons."

Luka, ex-student